References & Client Feedback

I have had the pleasure of representing so many wonderful and appreciative clients. Here are a few recent former client’s comments. Each of these comments are copied and pasted into this page exactly as they are received. In order to preserve my client’s privacy, their names have been edited, and only their initials, state and year are provided. Please remember,”Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”


“As a lawyer I know how important it is to manage a client’s expectations, and this is a skill which Joe Cifarelli has honed to an outstanding degree. He was knowledgeable and realistic, and did not attempt to oversell either his considerable legal abilities or a potential outcome. As a result of his representation, I had my points and potential fine reduced by more than I had anticipated, and he made the whole process easy from the start. There is no one I would recommend more highly–he gives lawyers a GOOD name!” J.M., NY 2016

“Hi Joe, Thank you again for all of your help. Getting a ticket four hours away from home was nerve-wracking to say the least. Googling the court and having your name pop up was the best thing that could have happened. Retaining you to represent me made the whole process so easy. Most importantly, it gave me peace of mind. Thank you for always returning emails promptly and keeping me up to date. I really appreciate your service.” C.G., NY, 2016


“”Mr. Cifarelli, The very first name I selected from Google on my search for a Lawyer was yours, after my Cousin told me that I should get a Lawyer to fight my ticket. Not knowing anything about you I must say that I’m very thankful for your service, since I wasn’t looking for that much. All I wanted was the points off my License. To get the Points off and the ticket reduced is way, way more that I had expected. Again I want to say “thank you!” E.L., NY, 2015

“My daughter received a speeding ticket returning from college, and Joe (or attorney Cifarelli, whatever you prefer) obtained a great result by having it reduced to a non-moving violation. Joe was also extremely responsive and pleasant to deal with. So glad I found his website and used his services to help give my daughter peace of mind.” (NR, Mich, 2015)

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me and guiding me through the process. I appreciate the time you put in helping me. You are a great lawyer. I will definitely recommend you to people who get a ticket in the area. Thank you.” M.H., NY, 2015

“thank you for everything and you are my number 1 person I will call for any traffic issue I ever have in your neck of the woods.” B.C., NY 2015

“Joe, Thank you so much for taking the time to represent me in this case. I was very nervous and anxious going into it as it was my very first ticket ever! You have made the process go so smooth that I cannot express enough gratitude thank you again for helping me and hopefully you will never hear from me again! Haha” M.C., NY 2015


“Joe, I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for all the work you did to resolve my speeding ticket. You got a great outcome for me, with no stress or inconvenience on my part. Your follow-through was much appreciated. I will recommend you highly to anyone in a similar predicament.” NG, NY 2014

“Dear Joe, I want to thank you for resolving my recent traffic violation. As a New Jersey resident I dreaded the thought of having to appear in court 100+ miles from my home. Not to mention having points appear on my driving record.
You managed this issue without my having to physically appear in court and succeeded in reducing my summons to a zero-point parking violation.
I cannot begin to tell you what a relief this was. You far exceeded my most conservative expectations.
I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a traffic matter to deal with, particularly those who reside far from your jurisdiction.
Thanks Again,”
P.R.V., NJ 2014

“Joe Cifarelli is the best. I hope I never get pulled over on the Taconic again but if I do I know who will be the first call I make—Joe.”G.D., NY 2014

“Hey Joe, Thank you so much for everything you did for me I really appreciate it. I would be in a much worse situation if you didn’t fight for me!” R.P. NY 2014


“Joe is Awesome! Extremely Prompt Service , Extraordinary Results ! Got a 73 in a 55 ” work zone ” ticket and Joe handled it quickly and got it reduced to a parking ticket with NO POINTS ! If you’re shopping for representation , look no further ! Worth Every Penny. Thanks , Joe !” S.D., NY, 2013

“Joe, Thank you very much for securing me a great deal. I am thrilled that you were able to get my speeding in work zone reduced to a parking violation. I appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness, and how quickly you were able to resolve the issue. Thank you!, PJ from NY, May 6, 2013”

“Joe, I want to thank you for guiding me through the process of traffic court in Claverack, with your excellent professionalism, empathy and legal skill. I would recommend your services to anyone. Getting a speeding ticket on the Taconic one hundred and twenty miles from home, on a limited income was extremely stressful, but you responded to every question and every call with a calming influence and reasurring demenor. Since the court time is in the evening, my having to appear would have been problematic, since Claverack is half way between my daughter’s home and an equal distance to mine, almost 120 miles each way, I would probably have had to stay overnight, and lose a day or two work, but you solved that stressful problem for me, and got an excellent result for me. Thank you again for your help!” A.M.S., PA. 2013

“Thanks for making everything as smooth as possible Joe. I appreciate it.” J.M., NY 2013

“Joe, Thank you so much for helping me. You made everything very simple and worry-free. I’ll recommend you to anyone who needs you.” S.H., NY, 2013

“Dear Mr. Cifarelli,
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you once again for the help that you provided to us in dealing with the traffic violation that we received in New York state during our recent vacation. It is very stressful to have to deal with a legal matter when you reside 3,000 miles away from where the incident occurred. After speaking with you initially by phone and explaining the situation to you, I felt confident that you would handle the matter to the best of your ability. After making the decision to retain you as our representative, we felt immediately relieved and were very happy with the results of your efforts. We would highly recommend you to anyone who has a traffic matter to deal with, especially if they are from outside of the area. Thanks Again” M.H., CA 2013


“Joe, today I received my payment receipt from Albany court. Thank you very much for your outstanding support. You made it look very easy. Still I remember the amount of stress I had when I got the ticket. I really appreciate the manner you responded to my loads of email and phone calls. In all your communication I saw professionalism, empathy and sound knowledge. Above all you were very genuine. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking out for an attorney. THANK YOU…!!!” M.K, CT, 2012.

“Joe, thank you so much for helping out at a time that was very stressful for my family and I. You did a great job at representing me since I am in another country it was very helpful to know that things were getting taken care of for me, I would definitely recommend you if anyone is looking for an attorney to represent them. Thank you again for a JOB WELL DONE.” Joe-Canada, 2012

“Thanks for your help on this Joe. You made it easy. I hope I don’t, but if I ever receive another ticket in Claverack, I will be sure to reach out to you, and I will recommend you to anyone I know who finds themselves in a similar situation.” R.H., NJ, 2012

“Fine job young man. Thank you! An attorney that is down to earth, does what he says he’ll do AND follows through! You could change the industry. Sure you don’t want to take on Wall Street with me? Please let me know when you are in my area. Would love to show my appreciation.” E.S., NY, 2012

“Joe, thanks so much for your professionalism throughout the process and achieving such a good outcome.” K.P., NY, 2012

“Joe i can not thank you enough for your professionalism and knowledge. You have helped me through a difficult time and i will always recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you once again.” J.K., MA, 2012

“Joe…Thank you so much for your help, you did a great job and made it very easy on me as I live several hours away. In the future, if i know anyone in need of representation I will be sure to send them your way. Thanks again!” M.M., N.J., 2012

“For those who are looking for a lawyer who listens to you just like your best friend, and who is smart, respected and extremely knowledgeable then your search should stop here. After interviewing a lot of attorneys, Joe was my obvious choice, and after completing the court date, I am glad that my decision was correct. I am hoping to be friends with Joe and try not to give him a repeat business from me by getting into trouble, but if anybody who is reading this comment, is or finds themselves in trouble, then take my word and speak to Joe.” N.B., NY, 2012

“Thank you so much for all you did. I will definitely recommend you to any one that may need your services!!!” N.W., NY, 2012


“Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on my behalf. You responded to every phone call, you listened and offered supportive advice and I was ecstatic with your results….they were even better than I expected.” R.A., NY 2011

“Hi Joe, I received my receipt from the court. Thanks a lot for being there all the way through and I appreciate your tremendous help.” S.N., MA, 2011

“Hi Joe…I am really thankfull to you for making it so easy . Thanks Joe for your hard work to get this case solved.” V.Y., Ont. Canada, 2011

“Thanks Joe for the update and again for all your services – I was VERY pleased and if I have to ever recommend these types of services, you will definitely be referred. (Hopefully, for everyone I know I won’t have to, but you made dealing with such situations so much more easy!)”, M.K., N.Y., 2011

Joe, Thank you very much for a job well done. The results were much better than we originally discussed and could be expected. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who may need your assistance. You have a friendly straight forward way of doing things and always kept me updated. Thanks again!”, M.K., N.Y., 2011

“Thanks so much for all your help, Joe! You were extremely flexible, generous and helpful — not to mention successful! You got me out of a pretty tight bind, and you were friendly and patient while doing it. For that, I am extremely grateful.” J.K., N.Y., 2011

“Hi Joe I just got your voice message,nice job and thank you. Hopefully I don’t need your services again lol but if I will be make sure to call you or if any of my friends will I will make sure to refer you.Thanks again and let me know where and how to pay the fine. Bye.” K.L., N.Y., 2011

“Thank u so much for your help it was a real pleasure u were really on top of it & u always kept me informed!”, B.W., N.J. 2011

“Thanks Joe for all your help and support. It was a great relief to have you on my side, answering my questions and keeping me updated throughout my case.” AM , NY 2011

“Thank you very much Joe. You’re been excellent in terms of communication and updating me as the progress of case went by. And I know you’ve done extensive research for the case.” A.T., Ontario, 2011

“It has been a while since we spoke and I have been very busy with work but I wanted to take the time to Thank you for the great job you did in representing me for my speeding summons in the state of NY, Thanks a million and wishing you have a great SOMMER.” R.C., N.J., 2011

Joe was very professional, always provided timely responses to questions, and is extremely knowledgeable about his domain.” -X.C. NY, 2011

“Working with Joe was a great relief. I was frightened, stressed, and had no idea what to do; he was very reassuring, positive, and helpful. He took care of everything efficiently and painlessly. Thank you for your support and hard work, Joe! CL, NY 2011”


“Joe you are the MAN!! Thanks so much and you were worth every penny. Have a great holiday.” R.P., NY, 2010

“Thanks, Joe! I really appreciate all your efforts. It was a pleasure working with you on this. You made it much less painful in many ways.” B.C., NY, 2010

“Thanks again Joe. Of course, I’ll be passing your good name along to other unsuspecting colleagues travelling in a hurry with their families towards Lake Placid to begin their vacations!” A.N., NJ, 2010

“Joe, Just wanted to say thanks for getting my speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket. You saved the day!!! I will recommend you to my friends if they get a ticket in that area.” N.R., NY, 2010

“Thank you, Joe. You did a fabulous job, and I appreciate your kindness and efficiency.”, P.K., N.Y., 2010

“Wow! Great job. Much better than I could have dreamt! AAF, Brooklyn, NY, 2010.”

“Joe, I just got back from vacation and saw this. Thank you so much for a job well done! I appreciate your assistance in this matter and am glad to have it behind me. I am sending out the fine today. Thank you once again, I’ll keep you in mind if any future issues arise.” J.D., N.Y., 2010

“Joe got me out of trouble as quickly as I got into it. He handled my complicated case while I was overseas, saving me money, stress and insurance premiums – a godsend ! R.O. Paris, France” 2010

“Hey Joe, Just wanted to thank you for your work representing me and your success! You saved me much unnecessary grief. As a token of my gratitude, I am referring you to one of my buddies with a similar issue in a nearby town (if not the same one). Again, thank you so much for representing me and your great success. Take care.” Z.S., N.Y., 2010

“I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with your handling of my traffic sitation. You responded to me promptly with pertinent information. You were positive and realistic regarding the outcome, as well as being very reasonable in cost. Have a great 2010…hopefully, I won’t need your services for a long time to come.” S.B., NY 2010

“Thank you so much Joe! I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. You fought my battle for me which enabled me to be stress free. I appreciate your hard work, dedication, and determination. Thanks again.” D.M., NY, 2010.


“Joe Cifarelli is the ONLY person that I’d consult with a NY State Traffic Ticket situation. He does his homework so YOU don’t get stuck down the road with pricy car insurance. Thanks again, JOE!—Nicholas, Atlanta ’05 & ’09”

“Excellent results, answered and explained and questions or procedures involving court. Joe is easily accessible and has great prices. Thank you again!” N.D., NY, 2009

“From the very first phone call, which you answered personally, to the very end, you were wonderful Joe. The excellent outcome aside – six points reduced to zero, your professional, efficient and dare I say this about an attorney – caring! manner made navigating the legal process as worry free as it could possibly be. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs a great traffic attorney. Thank you so much for your help. I was really worried and upset when I first got my ticket. After I contacted you through your web site I really did feel reassured. For my eventual outcome this was doubly warranted but whatever the outcome had been you made the process a lot less stressful and I really appreciated that. Thanks so much Joe, Best Regards” H. B., NJ, 2009.

“Joe is a great lawyer, not only did he take care of my ticket, every time my wife or I called him he took time out of his busy day to actually talk to us about my options on what to do. I live over 300 hundred miles away from upstate New York but my wife and I have discussed taking a vacation to the Catskill area so I could actually shake his hand buy him a cup of coffee and tell him face to face Thank You” JT, NC, 2009

Excellent work Joe. I was really impressed with your professionalism and ability to achieve a great result. I have already started to spread the word to my family and friends , just in case they happen to get ticketed again”. SA, Ont., 2009

“Joe, Thanks for all of your help. You put my mind at ease the first time I spoke to you. The outcome was fantastic. If I should ever get into trouble again in NY you will be the first one that I call… By the way, I am watching my speed and driving much safer.” T.R., N.Y., 2009

“Joe did an amazing job for me. I was going 82 in a 55 mph zone and somehow Joe got a 6 point speeding ticket reduced to a zero point parking ticket! Calling Joe was certainly the smartest thing I did that day. By far.” S.H., MA, 2009

“Joe provided excellent customer service, right from the time I first called him to the settlement of my case. He always took the time to explain the options that I had for handling my case and was prompt in replying to e-mails and phone calls. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and would definitely recommend Joe to a friend.”, A.S., MA, 2009

“Hi Joe, Thanks again for your help resolving this so smoothly. Even though I didn’t get points on my license, the ticket was a healthy reminder to be more attentive when I’m driving. I don’t anticipate needing a lawyer again soon, but if I do, you’ll be my first choice.” HB, NY, 2009

““I can’t believe the outstanding success you had in defending me in court!! I couldn’t be more pleased!! I now tell everybody that if they ever get a ticket “I KNOW A GUY”!!” ME, NY, 2009

“The outcome I got with Joe has been beyond expectations: a 2 points moving violation in NY and a parking ticket, when the starting point was 22mph over the limit speeding and tailgating. Awesome, thank you” VC, NJ, 2009

“Mr. Cifarelli was able to negotiate a plea bargain that reduced a speeding offense into a lesser offense that should carry no points in NJ. Beside being efficient, he communicated all the information I needed to know in clear, concise and timely fashion.” DF, NJ, 2009

“A+++ service—Joe has exceptional communication skills, is honest and genuinely cares about his clients. He went the extra mile and exceeded all my expectations. Most importantly, he got me a better outcome than I thought possible. Looking for the best lawyer available at a reasonable cost, then Joe is a MUST SELECT.” PE, MA 2009

Joe, “I appreciate your professionalism and quick responses. I was worried about the court proceeding – working with you put me at ease that everything would be handled properly.” Y.S., N.Y., 2009

“Joe promptly returned my call and kept me up-to-date (e-mails/calls) each step along the way. He had to react swiftly to my situation, and did so without issue. I would definitely recommend him to family & friends. JJA, NJ 2009”

“I felt helpless and outraged when I faced an unjust and costly out of state speeding violation. All options were costly and attorneys I consulted seemed to want to take advantage. A police officer suggested I go online to the court’s site, and find an attorney they recommend. Joseph Cifarelli proved himself with a very fair price, great communication and outstanding results.” E.B., MA, 2009

“It was definitely a good idea for me to hire Joe. He did a great job.” JM, NY, 2009.

“I was very impressed with Joe C…he made the process as painless as possible..I would highly recommend him.” L.B., NY, 2009

“Great job Joe, very efficient always responds to a phone call or e-mail and reasonable priced. Thanks again” R.F., CT, 2009


“I would recommend Joe to a friend. I appreciated the time he spent on the phone with me explaining my options. He ultimately settled my case for much lower than I could have done on my own and the cost was affordable.” TH, MA 2008

“Thanks for being there in my time of need! You provided helpful information when I first called. Then you did a Great job when it was time to go to court!” SG, GA, 2008

“Your up front honest & realistic assessment in the initial conversation was the final out come of the case. Thank you for a job well done. I hope that I do not need to call you for me personally, but I will be glad to refer any one in need of such service to your office.” RP, MA, 2008

“I was looking for lawyer to handle my NY speedticket over Internet and other resources. I found Joe, he immedeatly ansewers my questions and was willing to represent me for a reasonable price. Result was parking tickets instead of 15 mph over speedlimit. Highly recommended.” V. D., Thornhill, Ontario, 2008

“I would recommend Joe to a friend. I appreciated the time he spent on the phone with me explaining my options. He ultimately settled my case for much lower than I could have done on my own and the cost was affordable.” TH, MA 2008

“Joe’s legal expertise is only matched by the enthusiasm with which he serves his clientele. It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse Joe Cifarelli as legal counsel to any party upon whom the heavy hammer of the traffic court has fallen.” R.F., Albany, NY, 2008

“I was very pleased with the results after hiring you. It definitely didnt involve too much on my part which made it more convenient.” A.K., N.Y., 2008

“As for Joe- Very Efficient & I would highly recommend him ALWAYS !!” M.G., NJ, 2008

“Thanks for all your help!” M. & O. P., NY, 2008

“I would recommend Joe to anyone. He did exactly what he said he would do, I got the result I was hoping for, and he was responsive every time I called him. He made a bad situation a lot easier to deal with. Thanks, Joe.” MH, NY, 2008.

“Joe knew the entire judicial system from the officer who issued me the ticket to the court clerk. He successfully represented me and my concerns to a fair outcome. I would recommend Joe to anyone, anywhere in the country.” JHL , CA, 9.08


“I hired Joe and didn’t worry about another thing. I would certainly do it again.” WT 2008

“Fabulous job on making a difficult situation a learning experience , hopefully this lesson was well learned and we won’t need to call Joe again but it’s good to know he’s there if we need him ” GRR, NY, 2008.


Thanks again Joe, even though I’m a downstate attorney, I still hired you instead of appearing at Court myself because I did not want any points on my license. It worked. I’m not speeding anymore, but I’m keeping your number handy just in case.” JF, NY, 2008

Thank you for your service and wonderful work. I hope you don’t take offence when I say I hope I never need your help again, but if I do, you will be hearing from me.” N.C., Toronto, ON, Canada, 2008

“Joe, GREAT WORK!!! Easy to do business with, and really handled my case well. My licence thanks you as well.” J.G 07-29-2008

“Joe, Thanks for keeping my record clean & saving me much time & effort – not to mention a 4 hour drive each way – I will highly recommend you !!! ” R.S. N.Y. 2008

“Thank you very much for your great work! You have made this the easiest and most organized traffic case I have ever went through. I know where to come next time incase this ever happens again (I hope not!). You will have my highest recommendation to family and friends if they ever receive a ticket in the area. Thanks again!” RS, NY, 2008

“Your professional approach was outstanding and the result by far exceeding my expectations. If I get another ticket in the State of New York, you are my only choice.” JJ, Toronto Ontario Canada, 2008

Joe took the headache out of appealing an unreasonable traffic violation in a jurisdiction that I knew nothing about and located 200 miles from my home. He handled the matter most professionally and got excellent results on my behalf. It was a seamless procedure requiring none of my time or travel. I unequivocally recommend Attorney Cifarelli to handle legal matters of this type. A.C., Boston, MA 2008

“Some people overpromise and under-deliver. Joe does EXACTLY the opposite” JE, Bronx 2008

Being British I was completely at a loss when I was presented with tickets – I had no idea how the system works or even what I should do. Calling Joe was the best move I ever made, he was continually positive and reassuring, explaining everything clearing and patiently and completely calmed me when I panicked! The outcome was more than I hoped for and I would definitely call Joe again. LS, MA, 2008

“I was very pleased with the outcome, well worth the modest fee. Joe did a great job and kept me informed along the way.” TZ, CT, 2008

If I ever have a problem in New York again (which I hope isn’t the case) Joe will be the first person I call. Thanks again! ~T.W., MA 2008

Joe – I am extremely impressed and pleased with the outcome of my case. Your reputation in the courts clearly benefits your clients. Thank you! AK, NY, 2008

“Joe C. has exceeded my expectation in resolving a speeding ticket violation; he was able to reduce it to a minor violation and a minimum fine. Great communication and attention devoted to my case. I highly recommend his services” VK, NY, 2008

Joe was able to reduce my speeding ticket to a parking violation. I will not hesitate to hire him again. JF, NJ, 2008