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Traffic Attorney Fee & Payment

If you wish to hire me, contact me at (518) 694-1923. If I am able to represent you, we will discuss the legal fees involved. For my services, I charge a flat fee on traffic matters, including speeding tickets, which does not include the fine amounts or court surcharge.

When you call I will need to know:

1. how you received the ticket,
2. which court the ticket is issued for,
3. the court date on the ticket,
4. if the ticket was issued in connection with an automobile accident, and
5. your driver’s license history.

The Attorney’s fee starts at $325.00 and increases depending on the violation, the driver’s record, if the ticket involved an auto accident, the number of points on the driver’s license, the type of driver’s license, if the matter involved multiple tickets, if the matter goes to trial, and if the ticket involved any other complications.

You can hire me by:

1. clicking on this Paypal button to pay by debit or credit card.

2. mailing a certified check or money order made payable to Joseph Cifarelli to PO Box 13101, Albany, NY 12212.

Then you will need to fax or scan and email me the legal information.
Call me today for more information.