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Legal Disclaimer:

(1) the www.speedticketlawyer.com, www.attorneycifarelli.com web sites and the sub web sites are ATTORNEY ADVERTISING designed to encourage prospective clients to contact Joseph P. Cifarelli, II regarding their particular New York case. The information contained within these web sites cannot be construed as legal advice as each and every case differs. There is no attorney client relationship created by this website. (2) By contacting any of the Court(s) on a web page or any of the Courts on this web site or any connected website, or the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, Joseph P. Cifarelli, II is not endorsing their information, services, privacy policies, or security policies. I recommend you retain counsel to review their information and to protect your rights.

Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

As a New York Attorney I understand the importance of protecting attorney client information and the privacy of the individuals visiting my websites, www.attorneycifarelli.com, www.speedticketlawyer.comand their sub-sites. With this in mind, all visitors (hereinafter VISITOR) to these web sites and their sub sites and affiliated web sites (hereinafter collectively known as CIFARELLI) are hereby notified of the following:

1. Personal Information. Potential clients are urged not to provide specific and personal information regarding their potential court case over web services, including e-mail. By using these services, and not contacting my office by telephone, there is no attorney client protection.

2. Cookies. My websites use various third party services for hosting and tracking of visitors. My office has no control over these third party providers and the VISITOR is hereby informed that by using the sites, a cookie for tracking purposes may be sent to your computer to identify your browser. By visiting CIFARELLI web sites you accept that a cookie may be implanted.

3. Credit card information. CIFARELLI does not collect credit card information. CIFARELLI may use a third party credit card agency to allow payment of legal services on line. VISITOR understands and accepts that by completing on line payments, that it is completed at VISITOR’S own risk and CIFARELLI is not responsible for the safety, security, theft, loss of funds etc. VISITORS, after having called CIFARELI and agreed upon retention and a fee, are able to send a post office money order, or certified check as payment.

4. Link & Other web sites. CIFARELLI’s web sites provides links to Courts, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and various other web sites. VISITOR consents, agrees and is hereby notified, that VISITOR by clicking or viewing these other websites accepts that CIFARELLI is not responsible for the images, information, collection of personal data on these other web sites.

5. Contact. If VISITOR has questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy and the terms and conditions, VISITOR is invited to call for further clarification.

Credit card terms and conditions.

Purchaser (prospective clients) by clicking on the Paypal button has read and agreed to and accepts the terms and conditions set forth below

1. Purchaser has read, understands and has agreed to the Paypal user and legal agreements.

2. Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that Cifarelli, his agents and assigns will not and does not accept the purchaser’s private financial information including credit card numbers and any losses incurred through the use of the Paypal payment process will be between the purchaser and Paypal.

3. Any claims for financial redisclosure against Cifarelli is waived.

4. Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that any claims associated with the service provided or the payments will be litigated in a Court of competent jurisdiction located in Albany, New York.

5. Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that any claim will be limited to the amount of the actual service paid, and that any consequential and punitive damage claims are waived.  For example, if a matter should be resolved in favor of a client who paid $300 for legal services, the damages are limited to $300.

6. Purchasers are urged to contact their credit card company immediately if they feel there has been a breach of their personal financial privacy.