Bethlehem Town Court

Location: 447 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054

Telephone number: (518) 439-4955, option 5, then option 2

Website: Bethlehem Town Court


Honorable Ryan Donovan, Town Justice
Honorable Andrew Kirby, Town Justice

Court times: Vehicle and Traffic Court – Second and fourth Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.
Town and State Police Pre-Conferences – Second and fourth Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.
Traffic trials are usually scheduled after the pretrial conferences on Wednesday mornings. The Court Clerks are usually available from 8:30 to 4 pm daily. See the Court website for a detailed Court calendar.

Court information: This Court hears vehicle and traffic matters based on tickets issued by the New York State Police, the Town of Bethlehem Police Officers and the Albany County Sheriffs. The Albany County District Attorney’s Office and the Town Attorney’s Office prosecutes the speeding and traffic tickets that were issued by the New York State Troopers. The Town Attorney prosecutes the tickets issued by the Bethlehem Police Officers.

Traffic Ticket Defense: The majority of the vehicle and traffic citations are speeding tickets with 1180d, speed in zone, being the most common offence. The NYS Police issue the speeding tickets on the Thruway (I-87). Together with the speeding tickets, seat belt tickets, cell phone tickets, failure to signal, and following too closely tickets make up the majority of the tickets issued on the Thruway.

In most cases a speeding ticket lawyer such as Joe Cifarelli can go to Court for you and successfully negotiate a reduction of speeding or traffic violation. The negotiations will depend in large part upon the nature of the offence, the driver’s abstract or history, if the driver has a “special license” and if the case arose out of a motor vehicle accident. Higher speeds equal higher points and guilty plea could result in license suspension or revocation, a civil penalty called the driver’s responsibility assessment and a maximum fine. If you received a speeding ticket, call Joe today for a free telephone consultation!

General information: Delmar New York is a highly residential area located just south of the City of Albany.