Glen Town Court

Judges: Hon. James M. Law & Hon. Dawn M. Thomas

Location:  7 Erie Street, Fultonville, NY 12072-1794

Telephone number: (518) 853-4825

Fax number: (518) 853-4343

Website: Glen Town Court

Court hours: Pre trial traffic conferences are usually scheduled for Tuesdays at 5:30 or 6:30 p.m. and Thursday afternoon. (CALL THE COURT TO VERIFY AS COVID PANDEMIC MAY CHANGE THE SCHEDULE.)

Court information: Tickets issued by the New York State Troopers are prosecuted by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. The New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) literally runs through the Village of Fultonville so the Town of Glen Municipal Complex and Court is visible from the highway. As a result, this is a higher volume speeding ticket Court due to the heavy Thruway traffic.

Traffic ticket defense:

So you recevived a speeding ticket for the Glen Town Court, now what? Call Glen Speeding ticket Attorney Joe Cifarelli at 518-694-1923. Joe’s 20 years of experience has resulted in negotiating hundreds of tickets in Montgomery County, the majority of them in the Glen Town Court. He has proven himself again and again as a successful and reliable Glen speeding ticket lawyer. Since Joe’s practice is limited to speeding and traffic ticket legal defense, he has earned a professional reputation with the Glen Town Court and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

The majority of Glen Town Court vehicle & traffic violations include the following;

Section 1180- B, speed in 55 zone, (points range from 3 to 11 points depending on the charged rate of speed).

Section 1180- D, speed in zone, (points range from 3 to 11 points depending on the charged rate of speed).

Section 1180-F, speed in work zone, (points range from 3 to 11 points depending on the charged rate of speed- FINES ARE DOUBLED).

Section 1225-C, Cell Phone violations (5 points).

Section 1225-D Use of Portable Electronic Devices (texting) (5 points)

Section 1110a, failure to obey a traffic control device, (2 points)

Since six points will require you to pay a civil penalty (New York State Driver’s responsibility assessment) and 11 points or more results in license suspension, a simple speeding ticket or cell phone ticket can be an insurance nightmare!


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General information: The Glen Town Court in the Village of Fultonville, is just south of the Village of Fonda. The two villages are split by the Mohawk River. Route 5S also passes through the Town of Glen.

In the spring and summer months, the traffic will increase as race fans head to the Fonda speedway at the Montgomery County fairgrounds, just a few miles north of the town Court.