Lewis Town Court

8566 US Rte 9
PO Box 28
Lewis, NY 12950

Telephone number: 518-873-3204

Fax number:

Website: Lewis Town Court

Types of tickets

The New York State Troopers issue tickets on the Adirondack Northway(I-87) for the Lewis Town Court for a variety of different traffic infractions, more commonly speeding in zone (1180D), use of a portable electronic device (cell phone tickets), seat belt tickets and the occasional ticket and arrest for alcohol related offenses. The Essex County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes and negotiates the speeding tickets issued by the New York State Police.

Traffic Ticket Penalties

The penalties for a conviction of traffic offenses range from a fine to fines plus jail time. Speeding ticket convictions in the town of Lewis can cost you from $250 to $700 plus depending on the rate of speed and the points involved. This is in addition to NYS DMV civil penalties that can range from $300 and up! A Lewis speeding ticket conviction can also cost you an increase in your auto insurance, not to mention loss of driving privileges based on the number of prior convictions.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Speeding ticket lawyer Joe Cifarelli has successfully negotiated reductions of speeding and traffic violations in the Lewis Town Court. Joe can tell you how many points are involved in your current ticket, and if its a speeding ticket, how it can effect your license. If you received a speeding ticket, call Joe today for a free telephone consultation!