Menands Village Court

Address:   Village of Menands
                 250 Broadway
                 Menands, NY 12204

Location: The Court is located in the municipal building which also houses the Police Department and Fire Station. Parking is tricky, most people street park in neighborhood behind the Court.

Telephone number: (518) 434-3992

Fax number: (518) 626-0428

Website: Menands Village Court

Court information: This is a very busy Court in Albany County.  Most of the traffic and speeding tickets seem to be issued from violations that occur on Interstate 787 that goes from the city of Albany to Cohoes.  The New York State Police, and the Menands Village Police Officers issue most of the speeding tickets in this Court. The Village Attorney prosecutes and negotiates the speeding tickets issued by the New York State Police.

Traffic Ticket Defense: Speeding ticket lawyer Joe Cifarelli has successfully negotiated reductions of speeding and traffic violations in the Menands Village Court.  If you received a speeding ticket, call Joe today for a free telephone consultation!