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So you received a speeding ticket in New York State and your wondering how many points the ticket is? how much is the fine? will I lose my license? will it affect my auto insurance? These are the most common questions I receive when someone calls me for a free telephone consultation. It usually comes down to costs and is it worth it to fight the ticket. While there may be some courts where everything goes to trial and your chances of wining are minimal, in upstate New York your always better off pleading not guilty and to at least try to plea bargain the ticket.

The cost of a basic speeding ticket where the driver is charged with 1180d, speed in zone (or 1180b, speed in 55 zone) and the speed is greater than 10 mph over the limit but less than 20 over the limit usually results in a $150 fine plus an $85 surcharge. Four points are also attached to the driving record. If the speed was greater than 15 mph over the limit, it is considered excessive speed and for NY drivers by law your insurance company has the right to raise to your rates.

If the driver is charged with exceeding the speed limit by 21 to 30 mph, this is a 6 point speed and not only does the fine increase on average $100 to $150, but the driver is also required to pay a civil penalty called the New York State Driver’s Responsibility Assessment. The civil penalty is $300 total for the first 6 points within an 18 month period and $25 for each additional point! An experienced speeding ticket lawyer can usually get a six point speed reduced if the driver’s record is clean and the case did not involve a car accident. Whatever you do, do not just plead guilty to a 6 point speed by mail without consulting a traffic lawyer. The total costs of a guilty plea will run you $500 to $600 plus the chances of an insurance increase.

Ninety-nine percent of my business over the past few years has been to represent drivers charged with speeding tickets in New York State. The telephone consultation is free, so let me take a look at your case and see if I can save you from the paying the high fines, penalties and potential insurance increases.

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