Why hire Joe?

My clients hire me to try to avoid:

> points on their license,

> increased fine amounts,

> increases in their insurance premiums,

> the time and expense of traveling to Court,

> potential license suspension (if they have points on their license),

> paying the New York State Driver’s Responsibility Assessment,

> jeopardizing their commercial driver’s license (CDL), or taxi license,

All cases are different and in some situations where the speed is relatively low and the driver’s record is clear, I am able to accomplish all  of the above.* In other cases where the driver has convictions on their record, saving the license from suspension or revocation is the main objective.

When you hire me to represent you, my primary goal is to negotiate a reduction of the original charge. I use my experience and my reputation to negotiate a disposition on your behalf.

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*“Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”